Custom Speaker Systems & Recording Studio
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  • Studio Drumkit
Speaker Systems

Studio Monitors

Our speaker systems are handmade and of the highest quality. We also provide expert audio-consulting to professional studios and hardware manufacturers. Learn more.

Home Theater

Our home theater systems contain only the highest quality crossover components by Solen®. Our systems are unusually realistic, transparent and contain the utmost clarity. Learn more.

Recording Studio

Want natural sound?

We specialize in recording acoustic and semi acoustic jazz bands as well as funk and R&B bands that are striving for a natural sound.

Relaxed and Professional

The tracking rooms have a beautiful live full sound, with maple floors that are very aurally refreshing, particularly when one is fed up with the typical studio environment and practices.

CD Mastering


Our mastering service include CDs and DVDs. Monitoring system is brought to you by Spielberg Audio Labs.


Spielberg Audio Labs has the latest gear to help in converting A/D signals. Learn more by visiting out services page.