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Monitor System - Home Audio

Monitor I

The Monitor 1 is an excellent two way monitor making use of the new composite kevlar cone, 5" cast frame Woofer from Hi Vi, and Hi Vi's planar magnetic tweeter. The cabinet is constructed of 13 ply birch with rounded radius edges on the front baffle to avoid diffraction. The monitor 1 small size, and "fast" drivers allow for an amazing ability to portray different images within a soundstage with incredible delineation. The Crossover utilizes all Solen polypropylene capacitors, and Solen perfect lay inductors. Finish is a combination of birch and oak veneers. Response is from 55hz - 45,000hz - 3db, power handling 75 watts, sensitivity 89db (1w/1m) , vented box, fourth order alignment

Monitor II

The Monitor II, utilizes a large planar magnetic midrange/tweeter and a composite Kevlar cone woofer. The use of a low distortion planar magnetic driver down into the midband contributes to level of clarity uncommon in traditional box speakers. Transient reproduction is impeccable as is the clarity of image placement within the sound field. One must hear the low level linearity to appreciate it, unlike the sluggish/gated performance of a dome tweeter, the decay of high-frequency transients (as with the attack, and decay of a hi-hat cymbal), is both natural and seductive. Cabinets are constructed of doubled up 13 ply birch (26 ply) and finished in oak veneer. Response is from 45hz - 25,000hz - 3db, power handling 100 watts, sensitivity 89db (1w/1m), vented box fourth order alignment.

Monitor II pro

The Monitor II pro, is a new design which utilizes a modern version of the Heil air motion tweeter, and a Seas Excel 6.5" cast frame woofer with a magnesium cone. Cabinets are constructed of 13 ply birch and finished in a beautiful maple veneer. The Monitor II' pro response is from 40hz to 25khz -3db, Power handling 100 watts, sensitivity 86.5 dB at (1W/1m)

Monitor III pro

The Monitor III is a three way design using a HIVI planar magnetic midrange, a Hivi planar magnetic tweeter, and one Hivi 8" cast frame woofer in a medium sized vertical enclosure. The cabinet edges are rounded in order to minimize diffraction. The cabinet is a Maple Veneer, or oak Veneer over 13 ply birch, vented box. Low-pass section is completely separate from the high pass section of the crossover for low cross talk. The Monitor III's response is from 36hz to 45khz -3db, power handling 150 watts, sensitivity 91db at (1w/1m) .


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