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Spielberg Audio Labs - Recording Studio

At Spielberg Audio...

We specialize in recording acoustic and semi acoustic jazz bands as well as funk and R&B bands that are striving for a natural sound. The studio is located in a newer home, in a peaceful neighborhood. The tracking rooms have a beautiful live full sound, with maple floors that are very aurally refreshing, particularly when one is fed up with the typical studio environment and practices.

We have an extensive amount of instruments, keyboards, drums, and other gear to use. For a full equipment list, please click here

A little about us - Who we are, what we do






Spielberg Audio Labs - Custom Speaker Systems

At Spielberg Audio...

...we design and manufacture high-end monitors, and home theatre speaker systems. We use these monitors in our own reference quality 24/88.2 digital studio everyday. It is our belief that in order to build gear that is truly accurate one most have first hand knowledge with both sides of the microphone. Spielberg Audio Labs provides its expert audio-consulting services to professional studios, and other hardware manufactures. SAL also represents many high-end professional manufactures including Audio Technica, Canare, Presonus, Eminent Technology, and Parasound.


Spielberg Audio Labs Drivers

All of our drivers are carefully selected and matched for optimum linearity, smoothness of dispersion pattern, and ultra low distortion. All woofers have cast magnesium frames, mineral filled polycones (Composite Kevlar in the case of the Monitor I, and II, and rubber surrounds and high temperature voice coils. Our two way speakers use a very low distortion HIVI Planar Mid/Tweeter, with very smooth response on and off axis up to 25khz. Our three way designs make use of ultra low distortion LFT planar magnetic midranges, or the HIVI planar magnetic midrange driver, polycone Midbass drivers, and HIVI planar tweeters. These planar drivers offer an amazing transparency, sense of space, and reproduction of detail. You can close your eyes and these cabinets literally disappear in the sound field due the vanishing low driver distortion and lack of cabinet resonance.


High Quality Crossover Components
We at SAL use only high precision Solen crossover components connected in point to point solder connections to avoid stray inductance, capacitance, and build up of unwanted resistance common in pc board mounted crossovers. This combined with careful tuning of the network Q’s by measurement and especially listening results in crossovers voiced to sound unusually realistic to the source with unequaled clarity and transparency.

Click here to learn about all of our speaker components and models for sale.

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