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Monitor III   Monitor   Sub-woofer
The Reference I   The Monitor I   Single 12" Sub-woofer
When properly setup, the speaker system has the ability to reproduce music with an uncanny sense of realism.   The Monitor I is an excellent two way monitor making use of the new composite kevlar cone.   The single 12 sub uses the Keiga KG-5230 300 watt amplifier, with built in x-over, and phase invery switch.
Reference   Monitor   Sub-woofer
The Monitor III   The Monitor IIA/Monitor II   Dual 12" Sub-woofer
Self contained high resolution reference monitoring system with excellent resolution of detail and dynamics.   A new design which utilizes a modern version of the Heil air motion tweeter, and a Seas Excel 6.5" cast frame woofer with a magnesium cone.   The Dual 12 subwoofer system uses the Peerless 830500 12" XLS woofer with a Thick Nomex fibre cone, cast frame, Xmax 12.5 mm peak, and Strontium Ferrite Magnets.