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Reference System - Home Audio

Reference I/II/III

The SAL Reference I system is a self contained high resolution reference monitoring system with excellent resolution of detail and dynamics. Each unit has one Hi Vi planar tweeter, one LFT midrange driver operating in a dipolar configuration, and a pair of Seas cast frame eight inch woofers in a large sealed enclosure. Cabinets are constructed entirely of 13 ply Baltic birch with a heavy polyurethane finish. One high Current Amplifier is required. As with the SAL Reference, when properly setup the speaker system has the ability to reproduce music with an uncanny sense of realism. Again due to the use of the Planar Magnetic drivers, distortion is low and transient performance is impeccable. Response of 35hz to 45,000hz - 3db, sensitivity of 92 db at (1w/1m) .


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